Monday, April 21, 2008

House Stuff...

We spent the weekend doing what seemed like a million different things. We managed to dig up some sod and plants a few plants as part of our front yard makeover. Maybe we will finish that this weekend...I am really sore though from diging and planting though.

Then I decided I wanted to finish painting our bathroom. I had picked a different color for the small room where the actually toilet is, a deep purple to complement the gray lightish purple bathroom part. So it is a really small space and so I decided we didn't need a gallon , so I bought a quart. Well, we are painting away and Eric asks me if I think the walls seems strange and I do....turns out, the builders never actually painted the room, just sprayed on the paint (1 coat-flat) over the drywall so it is just dry. Well, that meant it just soaked up the quart. Couldn't even finish one coat with it. So I had to go out and buy another. Stupid little cans...the two cans are costing me more then it would have cost to buy the gallon to begin with. :)

I am also testing a different color for the main part of the house, a more green then gold color. But that project will come at a much later time.

If we finish the yard this weekend, I will post pictures...and maybe we will get some chairs for the porch too!!! We only bought ones for the deck so far.

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