Sunday, July 02, 2006

Thank you Powerbar!

Being part of this triathlon team, we are sponsored by a whole bunch of different companies, one of which is powerbar. Now back when I was swimming, Powerbar only made those chewy powerbars, but now they make all sorts of different types of bars and gels and drinks. Our sponsorship allowed our team a set amount of money to spend on powerbar stuff-whether is be any of the food items, or shirts, hats, water bottles, etc. So our team split the money evenly and then we all placed an order.

Eric and I spent about half our alloted money and what we got was about 15 boxes of different powerbar bars (lots of Pria bars as those are my fav), and each box has about 15 bars in them, plus we got 3 canisters of their endurance drink mix. This is a whole lot of loot that I am sure Eric and I will go through pretty quickly. But we still have a lot money left to spend on more yummies.

I tried the Pria Strawberry Shortcake bar today and it was really good!

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