Wednesday, December 17, 2014

As Usual...

I could come up with all sorts of excuses, because I have them, but I won't. It's been a ridiculously busy semester and I'm getting to the end.

Here are some updates:
Training: I took a month+ off of any regular schedule after the half marathon. But two days ago I started day 1 of my Boston marathon training. 18 weeks of training, here we go!

The girls: We have our up and down moments of being nice and not being nice. T has become more aggressive in her attitude (saying No a lot and very defiant). She has been sent to the "principals" office (the director at daycare) twice now for her behavior because she has been throwing toys at other kids. Awesome.

P is doing well, managing her emotions much better. But still has her moments. They are both genuinely happy most of the time but they sure are crazy!  P did have her first of two dental appointments for fillings and sealants. She did great and wasn't bothered at all by it!

On the home front: I've been trying out some new recipes, some have been good and others not. The sweet potato crust quiche, coconut flour blueberry pancakes and stuffed acorn squash were all successes. The sunflower seed flour cookies were a complete disaster (like that they turned green).

I took a trip back to Fayetteville, and it was so fun. What an amazing time I had seeing my wonderful friends! I followed that up with a Garth Brook concert where we got upgraded seats to the front row!

Last up, we got our tree and decorations up and the girls are enjoying counting down the days until Christmas!

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