Monday, January 06, 2014

Running in the Snow

I'm chugging along with the marathon training. Through 8 weeks of 10, wow, almost halfway. So far, I'm finding the Hanson's marathon training plan doable. I've hit a high of 43 miles so far and a long run of 14 miles. I haven't missed a workout except for one day where I was suppose to do intervals of 4x0.75 miles at 5K pace and I was a bit under the weather and only did 2. So I still ran that day, just didn't complete the full workout. That means 6 days a week of running for 8 weeks. Whew.

While up in the great north, I ran with my sister in the snow/ice and let me just say, wow! Running is snow is SO hard! It was like running in sand (but not the hard compact sand). And running on slippery roads is never good. But I managed to get all my runs in and while I wasn't able to handle my 8 miles at marathon pace in the snow, it was just too hard, I know my effort level was there. When I got back to running on clear pavement, it seems so easy! This must be the secret to why my sister is so fast!

While I love the running miles with her, I'm happy to be back down south a bit to where it isn't 5 degrees and snowing outside when I run. Although I will say, I enjoyed the runs that were in the upper 20's and the snow was light and fluffy, that definitely beats out the 34 degrees and cold rain here!

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