Monday, February 18, 2013


A few odds and ends going on around here...

Happy T:

Playing the piano together:

I've taught P how to write most of her name, as in she can draw a P and make an i and she is pretty close to R. Just need to work on the E. Really though her P is a circle with a line coming out of it which most of the time looks more like a lollipop. Well because she has seen us draw stick figures, she has also started drawing pretty good stick people, which I am super impressed with. She basically has figured out the circle head and line make a body and she draws more lines for arms and legs.

Here is what she drew outside on the driveway the other day- (left to right) baby T is on the bottom left, then P dancing, then mama sitting in a chair and then dada dancing

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Rebecca Wills said...

Piper's drawing is excellent!