Monday, April 25, 2011


We drove up to my grandma's yesterday for a afternoon Easter lunch/dinner. Got to see many of my aunts and uncles, even was surprised to see two of them had driven down from Michigan. We were only there for a few hours to accommodate Piper's nap up while she took her morning nap and drove back while she took her afternoon nap. She still isn't walking yet and we are trying to just let her do what she wants in that regard. She will walk pretty good along furniture or walls and even takes a step or two from one object to the next, but if it is more than a couple steps away, she will get down and crawl over.

Her 9 month appointment was last week and she is 18lbs (30th percentile) and 28 1/4 inches (75th percentile). Healthy as can be. She eats everything and anything I give her and we are eating finger foods now. The only interesting thing, is that I decided to buy organic baby food with meat in it instead of making my own and she isn't a fan. I tasted the jarred baby food and it really didn't have much taste. I then mixed in some of my own baby food with it and she will eat it. Glad to know that she likes my food better!

I got a few Easter photos taken and here they are.

My favorite:


runningyankee said...

she is gorgeous! happy easter

Jennifer Harrison said...

OH MY GOSH, my fav is #3 too - so so so adorable!

Richelle and Johnny said...

In pic #3 she looks just like her Momma! Happy Easter.

Krista said...

Where are the ones with the bunnies????