Friday, March 04, 2011


I have been running...maybe jogging but none the less I am getting outside and working towards a race. This half marathon is creeping up on my very quickly, only 2 more weeks until race day. My knee pain was coming and going and when I did a 9 mile run about a month ago, it hurt pretty bad. I talked to EZ about some of the issues and we changed one thing...just to add a few stability exercises before I run and a little more stretching and so far it has worked. I made it through 11 miles last weekend and things seem to be getting better.

As I was out running the 11 last weekend, I was thinking about my running form in general, and how horrible it is. I am a quad runner. I don't use my hamstrings or my calves. I knew this before I got pregnant, but EZ and I were trying to work on it a little. Well now I feel like I am just all quads. I basically run/jog as this slow pace and can't seem to change it. That is probably because I don't have the muscle strength and technique to use my hammys and calves. I don't want to change too much before race day in a couple weeks. But after this first 1/2 marathon of the year, I think I will try to change up some different things and try to get my running more together.

Yesterday I ran 8 miles and thought a little more about how I was running and tried to work on my technique a little. Usually I go out and just run and space out or think about other things, but I made it a point to think about using my legs and "pushing off" to run. I actually ran pretty fast for me lately, but at a cost of my legs and body being super tired and a bit sore today. Although, it could have been that I ran with the baby jogger too and I haven't done that in quite a while.


Jenny said...

Whenever you feel slow, just compare yourself to me for some extra confidence!!

Rebecca DeWire said...

When I used to run, I was an absolute quad runner. My husband used to tell me after a run that his glutes and hamstring were sore, and I was like "what are you talking about, are you actually supposed to use those muscles when you run?". I then tried to change my running form and a few months later my injury cascade started. I am not sure that I had enough stability at the time to change my form. Just one of my theories on how I became injured, so be cautious in making any drastic changes before making sure you have the proper strength and stability.

Ashley said...

Erik has me doing A skips and B skips to try to help me with my running, ha!

After your race, you may want to consider giving less supportive shoes a try. I've been running in the Nike Free since October. I actually feel sore in my calves after running so I KNOW that I'm using them! Obviously this goes against everything I've learned as an athletic trainer so I'm very interested to see how I can continue to train in them considering I've previously worn the VERY supportive Asics Gel Kayanos. Read the book "Born to Run" when you have a chance. :)