Friday, February 04, 2011

How did we end up here?

I have had some questions about how did I end up getting tested for Celiacs so I wanted to provide the lowdown...

My sister had some stomach/acid issues for a long time and we had been bugging her to go to the doctor and get it checked out for awhile. She finally went back in the late fall. They ran all sorts of tests, and what came back was a most likely positive for Celiacs. So she gives me a call and tells me and then says, you have way more of the symptoms that I do, so it is probably likely you have it to. (It is genetic).

So I had to go in to the doctor for some bloodwork in December for my anemia (a symptom of celiacs) and so I asked if I could get bloodwork done also to test for celiac's too, and they did, and it came back positive.

I recently had my first doctor's visit with the GI specialist. I have to go in in another week and a half and get an endoscopy done to biopsy the intestine to get it confirmed, and then I will probably have another bunch of tests done. My sister had her endoscopy done a couple weeks ago and it was positive, she has also had a bone density scan and some more blood work to test for vitamin deficiencies. I imagine I will probably have all this stuff done too in the coming weeks/months.

As of now, I am still eating gluten, but know my days are most likely limited. Once the confirmation of Celiac's, the only "cure" is to just eat a gluten free diet, which will involve a dramatic lifestyle change in the house, at least for me. I am more concerned about eating out at restaurants and finding suitable things than eating at home. I am not a huge bread eater anyway, and don't eat many sandwiches, so that is good, but there are definitely things I will miss. I am also waiting to introduce any gluten to Piper until after I have talked with her doctor and my GI doctor too post endoscopy.

It is amazing all the gluten free stuff out now and I find it reassuring all the things I can still eat by buying certain products. I can still eat (most) ice cream, so that is a huge plus, but will have to learn how to make special cakes/cupcakes/cookies/ect that taste just as good! To celebrate my ending of gluten, I had to make one last funfetti cake to eat. EZ even let me have all the inside pieces since those are my favorite:

Yum yum!!


runningyankee said...

hope you get some good answers :) and we could so share that cake since i love the outside! stay warm :)

If the shoe FITZ.... said...

Thanks for sharing. Hope you get it all sorted out! And in the mean time enjoy your cake :) that is my favorite too!