Friday, November 12, 2010

Bad Habit?

Here are a few updates on miss APZ:

  • We were sleeping really well. Then we learned how to roll onto the belly and would wake up doing so. EZ and I put rolled up towels around her which helped for about a week until she would wake up because she was mad that she couldn't roll over onto her belly.
  • Now we are to the point where most nights she rolls onto her belly at night and most of the time puts her head down and stays asleep. Other nights we are up every hour or few hours going in to flip her over or calm her down for some reason she wakes up and just can't fall back asleep.
  • She still hasn't figured out how to roll back to her back from her belly. She just gets upset and tired of being on her belly and will start crying. She occasionally will roll back during the day but I don't think it is intentional. We try to get really excited and cheer for her when she does, but not sure she understands what that means.
  • She LOVES to sit up. EZ doesn't want to put her in the bumbo since some studies show that if babies can't really do it on their own then putting them in contraptions like the bumbo seat will have some developmentally issues with their spine. Same goes with the exersaucer before they can really stand and hold themselves up.
  • She does like to stand too (obviously with us holding her). She gets stronger and stronger every day with her legs.
  • She might be teething but we really aren't sure. Seems like she has been gnawing on things (her hands, rings, our hands, ect) for awhile now but nothing has happened yet. It does look like there are two white buds though on her bottom front that might pop out one day but who knows.
  • We are getting better and better with our hands and grabbing things. Still working at it, but she is getting the hang of looking for stuff and grabbing at what she wants and then bringing it to her mouth.
  • There are lots of smiles and giggles all day long which is very fun and refreshing
So here is our possible bad habit...On the nights she keeps waking up but isn't hungry and where we just go into her room and roll her over and try to get her back to sleep, eventually EZ and I are exhausted, so we have taken to bringing her to bed with us once we both can't take it anymore. This usually ends up happening around 4am. Some night it seems like she is hungry then, so I feed her, but other nights it just seems like she can't get comfortable and flails around. But for our sanity we need some rest, so I just curl up with her and try and settle her down and she eventually falls asleep. I hope this phase doesn't last long since I hope we aren't creating bad habits, but at some point you have to do what works right?

Here are a few photos from this past week.

Sitting up with mama:

I love to stand:

Fun Smiles:

Starting to really like the floor gym:


Life on the Cremona said...

We have some bad sleeping habits too..... :(

I think with more children it'll be better, but for now I usually get up with T and feed her in the bed (guest bed) and snuggle with her. I know it's not good because it's addicting, but I know there will be a point one day when she will want nothing to do with me and never want cuddles or affection. Piper will not go to college still sleeping in your bed, so I say just enjoy it now. :) But do what's best for you and your opinion. As we speak, Sum and Tenley are napping in the bed and I just snuck out. Some times the baby's need some comfort and you still can't spoil the baby at this point. But don't ask me when a habit becomes expecting and forming and not healthy for the baby. My neighbor had her daughter sleeping with her until 3 and I thought that was ridiculous. HAHA we'll see what we end up doing. I think especially since you're working it's so hard because you need the rest for sure. Okay, lots of rambling now! Love the smiles!!!

Mandy S said...

she is getting SO big and she's adorable!!!!

Alicia Parr said...

Looks like Mom and Piper are doing really well! There are some who would suggest that co-sleeping isn't a bad habit, but quite natural and beneficial to both parents & child.

That's nice and all, but not why we do it in our household. My rationale is pretty similar to yours-- after Remy wakes in the middle of the night and wants to nurse, I get more sleep if he's in bed with me. Occasionally, I get up and go into his bed, but usually he strolls right into our room and climbs into bed with us. That's what happens when they aren't in a crib and can walk. It's kind of nice to snuggle with the little one too. I don't see any sign of this stopping before age 3, so I suppose we'll just have to be "ridiculous". Oh well. Wouldn't be the first time.