Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Major Meltdown

I had my first major meltdown yesterday. I have read about women when pregnant cry over stuff and well I just haven't been that way, until yesterday. I was on my way home from the airport in Charlotte and I got a flat tire. I was still 40+ miles from home and EZ is another 30+ miles further so he couldn't come help me. I talked to him about how to change the tire and so I start the process of trying to do it myself.

The spare tire however is screwed down into the car and I seem to not get any leverage on it at all. I try for a while and I pretty much give up and call a friend that I know lives somewhat close to where I was. I then think about climbing into the trunk to try and get more leverage on the bolt, or possibly use a rope I had, so as I was just about to start to do that, a policeman pulls over and changes the tire for me. Thank you!!

He then tells me I need to go to the next exit and fill the tire up with air. So I stop and pull over to the air filler upper and there is no gauge on it. I don't know what I am doing but am going to try. But what do you know, I can't get the tiny cap unscrewed off the tire for the air. That is when I just lost it. I can unscrew the tire then the cap for the air and I just started crying. I hate feeling incompetent and that I can't do something and that was how I felt yesterday. Have I lost all strength in my arms since I am not swimming at all or lifting all that much? Or was it really just that hard? I don't know. The policeman did tell me that it was rather difficult for the tire one so that made me feel somewhat better. But lately I have been on the rage of people asking to do things for me like I can't do them. I bought some paint the other day and the guy asked me if he needed to carry the two gallons out for me...what the heck. I do go grocery shopping and carry much more than 2 gallons worth of stuff home in the bags!

To top it off, when I got home, we had some cranberry ginger ale and I decided I needed a glass last night and I couldn't get the cap off. So EZ had to do it...it did take him a while though, so maybe it isn't just me.


Rebecca Wills said...

I'm pretty sure I would have had a meltdown, too, and I'm not even pregnant. What an ordeal! I'm glad the police officer came by when he did.

Rebecca DeWire said...

That sounds so stressful! And I guarantee that you haven't lost all of the strength in your arms, I am sure that is was just that hard.

Cor-Weeeeeee said...