Sunday, September 20, 2009

Deck Progress

The deck is coming along. Still not quite finished but extremely close. EZ is finishing the railing right now but the trim on the outside of the deck still needs to go up and he has to cut the posts down and put the caps on. After that the deck is done and then he will have to worry about fixing up the house where our old deck was. We ordered more siding and trim for the house from where we ripped out the old deck and EZ also has to build some fake fireplace framing on the outside since our deck sits about 6 inches lower then the framing for our current fireplace. But we will definitely be able to enjoy the deck next weekend (if the weather holds). Now I just need to go patio furniture shopping! Enjoy the updated pictures!

The Deck with the base boards down:

View from the door on the house: (you can kind of see the angled corners of the deck)

EZ's detailed stairs out of the house to the deck:

Part of the railing: (We have little detailed baskets every few balusters):

Stairs leading off the deck to the side of the house:


Krista said...

Lookin good! How easy was the "fake" wood to use and cut? Nice that you don't have to stain it or anything.

Anonymous said...

Eric did a great job it is looking really nice Love Mom

Rebecca DeWire said...

That deck is impressive. WOW!

Ethan said...

looks good, love it when a project gets more in depth as you get into it. Pride and Joy!