Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Incoming Freshman Class

Check out this article from the USA Today that was brought to my attention at our faculty meeting yesterday and I found it rather interesting, or maybe more alarming:

Most alarming are these main comments about the incoming freshman into collage:
40% of students were not able to use the correct adverb or adjective form in a sentence, use the correct preposition in a phrase or make sure that the subject and verb agree in a sentence.

•30% were unable to evaluate the contribution that significant details make to a text as a whole.

•Nearly 40% could not solve multi-step problems involving fractions and percentages.

•40% could not predict the results of an additional trial of a scientific experiment.

Oh the future of America...


Tyler Jorgenson said...

I'm trying to find a graceful way to point out spelling errors in a post with student acumen as the topic.

I have worked with the Youth at our church for the past 4 years and it amazes me that they all seem to use 'text talk' when they type now.

Krista said...

And you wonder why I think about homeschooling?!?!?!