Monday, May 26, 2008

Recession...what Recession?

We got a call that our couch we ordered finally arrived!!! On top of that, our new mattress was delivered this week. Well, we put it in our existing bed frame (the one I had growing up) and now that we got the pillowtop it is way too big for the frame. You can hardly see the headboard anymore! :) So we decided we best go out and look for a new bedroom set...

Saturday we were at one furniture store we have been to many times, and everything on the floor you could buy for 50% off. Well, the dining room table and chairs we looked at previously were still there, so we ended up finally buying a table and chairs for our empty room! Sunday we headed out again looking for more deals and low and behold found a new bedroom set and bought that plus an armoire!

So the table and chairs will be delivered this week, the bedroom set and couch to be delivered next week! Our house is finally coming together...not too much more to buy now thank goodness! We surely are keeping people in business right now!

By the way, we celebrated 6 years of marriage by buying said furniture above, along with a bike ride (in which I received another flat tire...time to get a new tire, not just a tube), a game and a half of bocchi ball (in which I won both), plus smores, nascar and hockey. What more could you ask for! :)

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