Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Rocky Mountain High

So last weekend Eric and I flew out to Colorado to go skiing with my sister and Ethan and a bunch of their friends from CSU. I have only been skiing a couple of times and it terrifies me, so going skiing was probably not the best way to spend a tone of money, but Eric loves to ski and so he got to really have fun (which is important too). We skiied on THursday and the slopes were really steep, even the easy ones, but I got better as the day went on and felt much more confident by the end of the day. Too bad that was the only day I skiied.

Friday I went snowshoeing with my sister and two other people. We hiked 3.1 miles up to a lodge that had some food and stuff and then the 3.1 miles back to the car. Not bad. It was exhausting going up and really easy coming back. It wasn't cold at all, and within no time I had taken off my jacket and top shirt and gloves. Very bizzare that it is 30-40 degrees out and you are hot. My sister claims it is because the air is drier and you are closer to the sun (10000 feet closer!).

The last day we just tooled around the town and hung out. I would have liked to have gone snowshoeing again or cross country skiing but no one wanted to go with me and I didn't feel like going by myself. Overall it was tons of fun. BJ just bought a house about 25 min from Keystone (where we skiied), so they plan on doing this every year and it would be cheaper since we wouldn't have to pay for housing. I would be up for a trip like this every year. Lots of fun.

BTW: Krista is showing like no tomorrrow. That big belly of hers is starting to get in the way! :)

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