Monday, October 02, 2006

The Search is On

I know, I know, it has been a while. I have been super busy with everything going on here in NC. School started up and I have a busy semester. Teaching 2 classes, taking 1 and sitting in on 2 more make my time precious. Plus, throw in trying to finish my thesis and publish a paper and now applying for jobs, oh and not to mention training for my first marathon, I am suprised I am even able to make it through the days.

The official job search started last week as I sent off my first two applications for October 1st deadlines. Now comes the steady stream of deadlines until mid January and then the interviewing process and then the actual hiring. I am not really limiting my search unless the school is somewhere Eric and I really don't want to live. Like neither him and I are too thrilled about jobs in North Dakota...too far away from our family and too cold for us (and too flat-not enough hiking).

Hopefully, once I get into the swing of this, things will calm down but right now I am just trying to stay afloat day after day and make the deadlines. Write the next cover letter, send off the right letters of recommendation, etc.

Marathon training is going alright too. I have absolutely no time to do anything else, so no swimming or biking, but my running is getting easier and so that is good. Going for a 5 mile run isn't long anymore and I actually have some speed and am running faster. I am currently running 4-5 days a week and 25-35 miles a week, this past weekend was my longest run ever of 13.1 miles (well I did do a half marathon in 1999 or 2000), and I ran it 10 min faster than my half marathon time then. So I was pretty pleased, right on target for the Boston qualifying time. I pick a boring (so people have said) extrememly flat course in Kiawah, South Carolina. Partly because it was good time, and close and flat. We also have friends that will be there so we will get to see them.

Anyway, back to work...The weather here is absolutely incredible, perfect running weather, not hot or humid, and since Halloween season is approaching, it is Candy Corn central at the house!!! Yeah!!!!

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